Starting The Legit Korean newsletter

Coming on August 27th!

Hi, I’m Ari Lee from South Korea. I started my weekly Korean news/lesson podcast, The Legit Korean, in 2018, and my biweekly Korean trends newsletter, Legit Korean Says, in 2020. There are many things I started and then just stopped doing (making Korean learning books, etc.) for the past few years, but these two things are the ones that I’ve been able to keep doing and love.

To continue doing what I love in a better and more efficient way, I combine them into one content, The Legit Korean, a weekly email newsletter & podcast narrating the newsletter, starting from August 27th.

My newsletter will be your legit Korean source of Korean news, trends, culture and language. Get ready to get weekly updates about the country of K-Pop and K-Drama directly to your inbox.

I also love throwing parties so you should be prepared to participate in an occasional speaking contest and LegitKon, a seasonal Korean test/competition. (BTW, LegitKon August is happening now, join here.)

Oh, I gotta go now to write the first letter. 안녕!

In the meantime, tell your friends!